Grow with every trip.

Trip Instructions is here to help you make the most of your experiences. You can prepare your trips, explore your mind, and reflect on your insights.

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1. before

We’ll help you be fully prepared: physically, mentally, and spiritually. We will set your intention so that you get the most out of the experience.

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2. during

You’ll let your mind go and have an amazing time. You can listen to music, meditate, and journal your thoughts.

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3. after

We will reflect on your experience and process your thoughts & emotions. You’ll be amazed at how much you grow.

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About Us

Here, at Trip Instructions, we view psychedelics as a tool we can use to achieve mindfulness, gather insights, and integrate those insights with our daily lives. Whether they’re used to overcome fears & anxieties, or simply to gain new perspectives, we believe we can help you get the most out of your trips.

Times they are a-changin’ and it’s just the beginning for psychedelics. We’re inspired to help grow the community seeking their benefits and we are focused on helping where we can. We’re excited to help you be more intentional about your personal growth and harness the potential that psychedelics can provide.

Your peace of mind is our priority.

We care about your privacy.

This app is for you & for you only. We want you to feel 100% confident using the app for your needs.

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What our users say about us

“The app feels warm & positive, like a calming presence.”

Rob - Los Angeles, CA

“Whenever I feel lost, I can always refer back to those breakthroughs I had. It helps me hold myself accountable & bring back those memories of positivity.”

Sarah - Boulder, CO

“It really helps with keeping me focused on my goal and removing my doubts & fears.”

Sheila - Portland, OR

Discussed by

johns hopkins center for psychedelic and consciousness research
multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies

Main Features

Expand your mind.

1. before

Review the Flight Instructions

Are you relatively new to exploring the world psychedelics? Our flight instructions are here to help! They can make sure you’re mentally & physically prepared to go on each trip.

Create Your Checklist

Got everything you need? We’ll help you keep track of everything you might want to have for your most comfortable trip yet!

Set an Intention

Set an intention for your trip & let your mind go.

2. during


Need to focus or calm your thoughts? We’ve got some meditation excercises ready for you to use at any time during your trip.

Journal Your Thoughts

Easily keep track of any fleeting but important thoughts you may have during your trip with our audio recording feature. You can reflect on these during & after your trip!


Need to take a moment to ground yourself? Breathe easy. We have a breathwork feature for this exact purpose. You can even use it as you meditate!

3. after

Reflect On Your Thoughts

Take the time to review your journal. Consider your emotions, your thoughts and your environment as ease back into reality.

Log Your Insights

We’ll help you be mindful of your thoughts and emotions by providing questions to ask yourself after your trip. Your answers can help cement any key insights you may have had during your trip.

Revisit Your Trips

Due to the nature of psychedelics, we’re all prone to forgetting some key thoughts or ideas we may have had during our trips. Sometimes you just want to recall the good times you had. We log all of your past trips for you to revisit at any time!